The Militant Baker Marches On!

Anyone stumbling around the internet has probably seen the UN series underlining just how much misogyny ends up being typed in the search box of Google.

Anyone out of the know should just look up “women are” with Google and you’ll see why the UN proceeded to create this campaign.

In an effort to extend awareness on just how ubiquitous hate is on the internet, the Militant Baker has started her own, similar autocomplete campaign, and a lot of women have joined in by posting their own posters to her Facebook page.

The problem is that, as usual, weight stigma and weight-related bullying are not something that FB can be bothered to take seriously.

In fact, they have gone so far as to not allow Jes to promote images like the one below, based on the fact that they would garner “negative feedback.”

Well, hate garners a lot more than negative feedback, and speaking out against it, even if people disagree and want to rant about the “obesity epidemic” or get all defensive with the “a skinny people search blah blah blah” (what’s sad about that is Jes has never supported skinny shaming or any sort of body shaming, and that those people who jump on that bandwagon do so because they are trying to find something to be offended over instead of simply joining in the movement to improve everyone’s lives… it makes me sad when so much more can be done if people would check their egos at the door for a moment and actually READ) is something that we should all support.

Choosing to bully, insult, and discriminate against fat people based on one’s own perception that they are weak, stupid, lazy, unhealthy or whatever other Maria-Kang-esk “excuse” a person can latch on to is bigotry, pure and simple. It’s bigotry when it is done based on skin color, it is bigotry when it is based on religion, sexuality, ability, and any other “label” which people throw around to try to disconnect themselves from the rest of the human race.

We are all human. Please visit the links and help The Militant Baker spread the word.

In her words, kthx.




A great blog post on the negative affects of Photoshopping a model “healthy”

A great blog post on the negative affects of Photoshopping a model “healthy”

Seeing as how the last couple of days, I have seen a number of comments come up in various places about “skinny” shaming, I feel it is necessary to point this out.


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A thought for today, considering my mixed feelings about one of the subjects of Babriela Hasbun’s Fat. Fit. Fabulous! photo series (

Mostly because I’ve had a taste of what “fat pride” means to others, and I must say, I’m not proud of those who claim to have this.

I will always be a little unhappy over the author of Fat!So?’s take on the gastric bypass surgery, which is so negative that it can only seek to stigmatize those members of the fat community who have had it.

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“He Said/She said” Journalism: I’ve worked as a reporter before, and I HATE this sort of writing.

“He Said/She said” Journalism: I’ve worked as a reporter before, and I HATE this sort of attitude.

Now I admit, I wasn’t always a brilliant reporter. I probably introduced as much liberal bias into my local newspaper as any one person could while working for a company which called itself Libertarian but just seemed to be plain ol’ backwards conservative (I say that because there are some notions that Libertarians have which aren’t disagreeable, one being that subjects like same-sex marriage should not be up to the people getting married, and not up to whether super conservative jerks want to ban it or not). Sometimes I even went all liberal intentionally.

Still, I don’t believe I ever even sniffed at the idea of arguing against a scientific viewpoint with a non-scientific viewpoint. I’ve seen pieces written on the debunking of the austism/MMR vaccine connection. I find it shameful that celebrity personalities campaign to get parents to stop vaccinating their children when they could be raising money to help parents cope with autism, to help autistic kids be able to deal with the world around them, especially with how to deal with those who will treat them like crap for being the way they are.

It is shameful when junk science is quoted because it detracts from the real issue.

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There are times when everybody needs humor in their life. One of the places I have gone for such humor in the past and still in the present is Not because I always agree or find what they say to be funny in that uplifting, true to human and thus not inherently offensive to any particular group sort of way. No, like most other humor outlets, they have their supremely douchey moments. I go there just because sometimes, you get this:

Celebrity before and after photographs

There is nothing quite as reassuring and, in a lot of ways, body positive than seeing how Neville Longbottom is a much hotter adult than Harry (although I’d have to say that as far as the actors go, Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton and Rupert Grint have ALL MANAGED TO OUT-HOT Daniel Radcliffe… sorry kiddo. Thems the breaks).

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The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem

This teenager is ALMOST there… except she hasn’t gotten so far as to not buy in and in turn, perpetuate the fat = lack of health BS that people get far too much.

Because of this, you can bet, that in her life time she will tell at LEAST one friend that they should lose weight, and claim she is saying so because she “cares” about that person’s “health.”

This sort of sugar-coated stigma is insidious because even those who talk at length about body positivism still find ways stigmatize others, using the biggest trap of culture, the assumption and expectation that we are all THE SAME.

I applaud this young girl for trying, but she’s fallen into the same trap as those fat people who abuse other fat people because of one horrible point: The idea that all fat people, or by extension, all people period, are the SAME.

Yes, I agree. Women should celebrate getting older. But we’re allowed to get older in different ways. No two women HAVE to get older in the same way, just as no two women have to treat their weight the same way. No two people are the same, full stop.

This girl isn’t there yet, and because she’s not there, she may well look at me and see another lump of fat in the epidemic of Typhoid Fatties.

Even anti-media media depends too much on stereotypes when discussing problems. It’s the language of the oppressed, in that we’re all oppressed by the assumption that we are what others expect, not what we actually are.

So, stand up, say your name and remind people that you are not _________________ (fill in the blank with the label you’ve been told you are the most).