Illfitted, Christine Burkhart, has been writing since childhood. She has a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing from University of California, Santa Cruz and master’s degree in creative writing from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

It was while studying abroad that she found the love of her life, Richard Neville, aka Internal Force Fitness.

Illfitted grew up in Porterville, a small piece of the mid-west in the middle of California, and is well aware of the bigotry and narrow-mindedness that can live in the hearts of human beings.

This blog was started to speak directly against not just fat stigma, but also certain types of stigma Illfitted saw from supposed “fat acceptance” promoters. As a writer, it is her hope that people will not only be touched by her words, and discuss her ideas, but will also begin to see others around them as fellow human beings, deserving of equality and dignity.

Illfitted wants to change the rules and break apart all physical molds, to promote inner peace, well-being, and true body liberation.


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