“My cellulite d…

“My cellulite doesn’t make me less of a woman..neither does my less than perky breasts or my inability to justify why I should have to hide my body.” — Tess Munster, (an actual plus)-sized model.


I had to repost this because what I could say about this makes up an entire essay.

I don’t think most people realize what is going on here, which is why it is not directly addressed. Weight stigma is a feature of sexism, it is a strange mixture of the overt and covert to continue to place the status of all women below all men. When you follow the logical thread, it is easy to see, but most people don’t follow the logic.

So here’s the logic:

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Do diet bloggers WANT to make us puke?

        After reading a blog today, my thought is that the answer is yes.

Is your diet strategy promoting a sense of disgust? That’s a question I never asked until I came across this: Nutrition and Disgust (“Why do people get religious about nutrition?”).

I think it’s a  disturbing trend, not just because of the implications, but because its something that can be easily dismissed (or, as the comic proves, made fun of). A lot of people may see it in action, but never really think about it. People read blogs or news articles, watch shows or read magazines devoted to “health and nutrition”, but aside from maybe checking the factual content, people don’t really look at the language being used, or what effect that language has on his or herself, or any other person who is reading.

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