the HAES® files: A Bad Case of “The Blues”

It’s really horrible to see how people are being jerked around just so another person can ensure their bottom line is as cushy as it has always been.

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Jon Robison, PhD, MS

Imagine getting a letter from your insurance company “inviting” you to participate in a “voluntary” program to improve your health. Imagine that you received this special invitation because your Body Mass Index (an unscientific, mathematically bereft proxy for health) is 30 or greater. Imagine that although this program is “voluntary,” if you don’t participate, it will cost you as much as $2,000 in added insurance premiums this year. To be fair, imagine that you do actually have a choice here: you can avoid the $2,000 price tag in this “voluntary” program if you agree to 1) wear a pedometer and enter at least 5,000 daily steps into the computer every 30 days or 2) join Weight Watchers or some other approved weight loss program.

Never mind that almost a third of the people who “volunteered” were pissed off and felt coerced into joining…

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