Link: Great story on intersectionality and being an ally

Great story on intersectionality and being an ally

If we can’t respect and treat others with the dignity that we demand for ourselves, then any “movement” we may be a part of is doomed to fail, because it is based on entitlement, not true equality and freedom. This is why I am an LGBT ally and believe that the most important aspect of feminism at this point does really need to focus on the inequality of women who are in ethnic minorities. I’ve got crap I deal with as a morbidlyobeseciswhitewoman, and this crap has caused me pain. I use that pain to empathize with others. I do not use it to create my own pissing contest crown in which I have it so much worse than others. I’m damn lucky, which doesn’t mean that I don’t want to free women from the unrealistic expectation of thin beauty. I will yell about the injustices done to me, but I feel it is necessary to scream until I am hoarse over the injustices done to women in other countries, especially in terms of rape, and violence done in the name of “honor”.

Anyone who wants to liberate women from the idea that they have to be thin and beautiful also has to deal with the fact that skin color ISN’T an inherent abnormality that makes a person worth less, and being homosexual isn’t a disgusting perversion akin to pedophilia.

And worst of all, if Christianity is the thing separating you from being able to be truly empathetic toward the plight of others, then your headed to hell because that is not what Jesus would do. Same goes for Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. It’s the stupidest excuse a person can use to disguise the fact that they are hateful.

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