Why I’m so pissed off…

In a world where we have held the cigarette companies responsible for hooking in young smokers via campaigns directed at them, it is mind-boggling, insulting, and infuriating that people continue to attack “fat” people for their poor choices instead of directing their anger, and their concern for public health at Coke and Pepsi. Coke was originally created as a patent medicine (colorfully referred to as “snake oil” by characters in historical pieces, and for good reason… the only thing that you might have considered medicinal about the original Coke was the cocaine that was in it) and sold by pharmacies as a “cure” for disease.

Eventually, as has been demonstrated by a previous link, soda would be marketed as something that was appropriate to give to babies because it would, basically, make them “cool”. Eventually high fructose corn syrup would replace cane sugar as the sweetener, because HFCS, a by-product of WASTE corn, is CHEAP. When you start asking questions, however, the blame for drinking sodas is placed on the drinker. Those in the soft drink industry are well aware that they are selling poison in a can, but they don’t work to improve it in any shape or form. Instead, they say that the consumer doesn’t have to drink it, then they sponsor schools, knowing that schools are desperately underfunded and will open their doors to the devil just to stay afloat.

And yet, the “war on obesity” is geared toward attacking ME not Coke. I am (as an every-woman fat woman) the person responsible, not those who create shit and market it as “food”. I and others like me are stigmatized… instead of people passing images of a Coke can that says DEATH across it, people pass images of fat people with Coke written across the side and the words “you are what you eat”. It’s needlessly judgmental, offensive, and the sort of cowardly thing that hateful people engage in.

And Coke laughs and continues to market soft drinks to children while those who fight “obesity” blame the parents. Yet when you confront people with that fact, that “fat” is not the cause of death, but that all this DAMNED SUGAR is, Coke and Pepsi are defended? They are innocent and I (in a proverbial sense) am guilty?

Well then, I guess you won’t want to bother reading up on the points being made in this BBC Series.

I’ve edited to add that I found myself once again having to deal with troll-enduced crap storms via Body Positive sites. That’ll have to be a future rant, when my head doesn’t ache so much. There are a lot of people who are pushing fitness and a better diet now. I am on the fence towards these people, especially when stigma and judgement are used. I am tired of the judgmental attitude of those who are not fat, or who have formerly been fat and who constitute the very small percentage of people who lose weight and keep it off permanently. The troll I dealt with earlier today was of the latter, and because of that, she felt she had the right to disagree to a simple status message on a page that I felt was doing a pretty good job of spreading a positive message: just worry about your own health, eating better and working toward having more activity in your life, and stop worrying about your weight.

This is a great message. But one that is ruined when self-indulgent trolls come around to turn their own misery on others. I shot back with negativity and was chided for it. And why? Why should we tolerate the trolls anymore?

So yeah, while it is not the subject for this post, I’m pissed not just because of the bad diet that is sold to people, but I am pissed off at internet trolls.

If it was my page, I would take a no tolerance policy for anyone who tries to start arguments. There’s a time and a place for supposed freedom of speech… and there is a time when we have to stop saying that people are free to spread stigma and hate. That is not freedom of speech, it’s bigotry and it should not be tolerated.

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