Need I say more?

A couple of vintage ads, just to let people know where they should be pointing the fingers:




My parents grew up with these messages. My generation were the first wave of “obesity” kids, and now it’s an “epidemic.”

Then why do people still insist that drinking soda is only a “personal” choice? Marketed for/to children from the very beginning. If we recognize that children are susceptible to negative influences in other ways, then why is it so easy for parents to discredit the role of over exposure to the message of over-eating and over-drinking bad things?

That’s what bothers me the most when I see one of my friends telling me that this is acceptable:

California First 5 obesity ad


He says that the picture on the right discourages obesity by “educating” parents. To me, it seems to be of the same manipulative vein as the advertisements that used to encourage parents to feed their children soda.

Its interesting how obesity is the only supposed “disease” that encourages discrimination and in-your-face attacks. Even the disease of “addiction” is one in which people are slapped down for negative treatment of the victim, because of the knowledge that since it is a disease it isn’t the victim’s fault. 

The AMA decision has changed nothing. Making obesity a “disease” has not excused people from acting in a very offensive manner.

Even the insistence that the only thing that is important is “health” is off the mark when health is reduced to BMI.

The shocking reality is that all of us “fat Americans” that people complain about so much, all the hatred that is directed toward us, is a byproduct of just the sort of culture that actually creates the problem. Yes, I will blame society. I will blame society until such time that it cleans up its act, quits making excuses, and quits teaching people that it is okay to hate me just because I am bigger.

I am not medical costs or extra gas expenditures or a person who has unfairly required hospitals to be more accommodating when really, they shouldn’t have to support equipment that handles anyone above the height of 5’5″ or a weight of 150 pounds. I’m a person like so many other people, and I am sick and tired of living in a world where hatred is casual, acceptable, and encouraged.


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