The Jackassery of “Dove”… a double take

So, I take it back and may have to throw away my Dove soap once and for all… mostly because it is very apparent now that Dove is full of shit.

Or, I should say, the company that owns and thus promotes Dove in the way it does is full of shit.

Partially, because of this news, although I am not so surprised, but mostly because of the little bit of information I found out… which is that Dove and Axe. BOTH OWNED BY THE SAME PEOPLE!

Unilever as the company that owns both these brands, thus  can be said to be the biggest hypocrite company out there today. While both running a campaign for Dove that promotes (supposedly but not so much) “real beauty” they also run this campaign, Axe Heroes or this one, Axe Chill Collection, both geared towards portraying women as nothing but sex objects, and, in the past, as sex-crazed animals who will just jump on and rub themselves all over a guy wearing Axe.

Apparently it works, because my abusive user ex who is a self proclaimed “loser” and “asshole” (at least he recognizes the problems right?) used Axe.

I’ve already told my current boyfriend he’ll get a punch if he tries.

The problem isn’t so much how adult women feel after seeing these ads, because we’ve already been nicely trained to view ourselves as objects for men’s pleasure. Our sexuality isn’t our own. We are nothing but a wet and ready hole to be poked, with some dirty pillows for male comfort.

What is horrifying is that this crap is on TV and kids are just there, able to see the world telling them that women are sex-crazed animals, and are totally hot, and will just melt at the first whiff of Axe.

… before a commercial for Dove comes on, showing the most beautiful “real” beauty they can find. Usually some absolutely gorgeous redhead with a great body who just happens to be “ugly” because of freckles?

Wait. What? That’s the best that they can think of when it comes to beauty stigma… the stigma of the freckled set?

So yeah, Dove can bite me. Unilever can bite me. There is a distinct reason why I usually buy generics as much as I possibly can, and its because you can’t trust the brand. Not anymore. When this is owned by that and that is owned by something else, each layer obscured by paper and red tape, it gets harder to know if you are buying a product created by people with real ethics and the consumer’s interests at heart… or whether you are buying something that is secretly owned by Hitler’s head, preserved, hooked up to a computer so it can speak, and stored in a bunker in like Tennessee or some crap.

At the end of the day, the only thing we can do to keep from throwing money at Hitler’s preserved head is to buy generics. Unless, of course, he owns the manufacturing plants that make the generics. Then we’re really screwed.

My take? At least live media free. If you can’t stop having to buy products, at least try to shake yourself free of the influence. 


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