Link: Free to Be Fat

Free to Be Fat

One last link post:

Why has the country gotten so fat? The easy explanation—Americans eat too much and exercise too little—adds nothing that is not widely known.
Embedded in the many explanations for the country’s weight gain is one surprising theme: in no small way, our weight problem is the reflection of our growing economic freedoms and a mirror image of our growing prosperity over the decades, which has, in turn, mirrored the spread of free-market economics and policies, as research studies have shown…

The people most concerned with the country’s weight gain—self-appointed “fat police”—have favored supposedly easy and direct policy solutions: tax and ban high-sugar and high-fat products. Such policy courses are a snare and delusion, especially if Americans’ cherished freedoms of choice, which are at the heart of the country’s economic engine, are to be preserved. But that is a topic that must of necessity be held for another commentary.

It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but it is a true one. I can also show you links as to how food advertisers get us young, and let’s not mention how ridiculously easy it is to get kids to want a happy meal if you put some kind of cheap toy in with it.

(Also, I’d like to note that whatever gains this country has made in supposedly “widening” and “reinforcing” crap is total BS. This country is still more than 90% non-fat-friendly. And I know the argument… why should anybody change the weight capacity on their equipment to suit people like me? Well, all I can say is… I’m glad I can always take my money elsewhere.)

So, anyway, sorry to say it “fat police”, and by that I mean those people that spend a lot of time with the idea that it is all a “self control” issue… there’s too much money here for any reasonable person to accept that corporations don’t actually WANT us to be fat consumers.

I may have the flab, but I hate this country for just exactly this reason. So, hey, why don’t we strike a deal. If you want me to truly lose weight by “self-control” then you go a single day without buying ANYTHING that you don’t absolutely need for survival. Here’s a hint: You don’t need your phone, your computer, your internet connection, your latte, the gas in your car, your fancy clothes, or pre-made meals of any form to “survive.”

Have fun living free of the double standard you place upon me. Bye bye.

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