I may have to make Fridays a theme day: F*cking Internet Friday.

My boyfriend suggested I post more images, so I figured I’d try to make my own sort of stock images to post with various things. I’ve got the “quotable” one, which I don’t like and want to change…

But mostly what I’ve got is a whole lot of hits of stock images of women who look depressed because they are fat and happy because they aren’t. There are images of fat women filled with pictures of junk food and thin women filled with pictures of healthy food.

There are pictures of before and after diet silhouettes, and fat women on scales, and fat women doing exercise and fat women this and fat women that, but next to none that depict larger sized women just being women.

There are certainly none which are “free” but that’s a different rant.

So, pretty much, if you want to reinforce your own deep sense of shame, just Google “fat women” or “fat girl” or even “thick women” silhouette  and see what you get.

Or better yet, just let someone like me do it. Because I’m mad as hell and I don’t have to take the fucking internet anymore (today)!

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