Link: Cancer Risk Increases With Height…

Cancer Risk Increases With Height…

Oh ho, so the truth finally comes out!

One day when I was researching the concept that fat ACTUALLY BY ITSELF KILLS (only Wikipedia dares to unequivocally say this, but says its based on what the World Heath Organization says [WikiWorldHealthOrg]).

As I was putting along, I read some page by some cancer organization that fat literally causes cancer, and then it listed a number of things like hormones, etc., which cause cancer because they are produced or stored by fat.

Oh, well, fine, if you want to believe that fatties are all going to die of cancer, go ahead. Everybody else believes we’re all dying of diabetes so whatever.

And then I saw this story, and especially, this quote:

Height can be influenced by a number of factors beyond genetics. The amount and type of foods consumed in childhood can influence height, and childhood nutrition may also play some role in cancer risk. A higher circulating level of a protein called insulin-like growth factor, which can be influenced by factors like exercise, stress, body mass index and nutrition, is also associated with both increased height and an increased cancer risk.

The data for the latest analysis were collected from the Women’s Health Initiative, the largest-ever study of postmenopausal women. The researchers identified 20,928 women who had received a cancer diagnosis during the 12-year study period. The data set included not only the woman’s height but also her age, weight, education, smoking habits, alcohol consumption and whether she used hormone therapy. This allowed the scientists to control for other factors that could influence cancer risk and more closely determine the strength of the association with height.

And so the truth is out. The problem is that the taller the woman, the greater the chance that her bone structure will be “normal” to “large” and not thin. What am I on about? I’m on about the fact that people don’t all have the same density of bone, which is  one of the factors that the old-fashioned BMI calculator doesn’t take into account for. If you want to look at your target BMI with a measurement that is less of a bullshitmedicalinstrument, check out Diet & Fitness Today.

By this sort of calculation standard, just having a “larger” bone structure can take 4 points off your BMI, which can be the difference between “obese” and “morbidly obese.” In terms of me, it’s the difference between me supposedly having to be like 150, ideal weight, and 190. That’s a pretty damn big difference.

In other words, whether other women my height are fat or not, we’re all bound to die by cancer.

Because of “insulin-like growth factor.”

As my boyfriend put it, the conclusions of these studies it that people who are bigger than some supposed average are “abnormal.” As these averages seem to be biased towards a build much more like the Asian population than African or Northern Europe, anyone who just doesn’t conform to short and petite is “wrong” because they will die from the horror that is cancer.

Never mind the fact that in areas of the world where there is a great deal of poverty, disease, food and water shortages, it is expected that most people will die of depredation or disease early in their lives, and that is “natural”, being tall dooms me to all sorts of unnatural pathologies.

It’s an ah-ha moment mostly because, when you look at it all in this sense, probably the best thing any fat, tall, big boned woman like myself can do is just stop worrying about it.

Stop hanging around people who are obsessed with food, which includes blocking any sort of updates from them. That why you no longer have to see instagrams of what they’ve had for dinner, or hear them discussing how many calories are in a rice cake. I would no longer see recipes that coincide with various diet strategies, or the newest thing in making something both modern and processed/processable AND STILL paleo-friendly… I would no longer see updates about others diets or exercise strategies.  If I was a wise woman, I’d also turn off the TV forever, not read the latest in “fad” books, because a great deal of them focus on modern issues, such as the issues women have with food. I’d turn off the radio too, so as to never have to listen to another fast food commercial.

If I was wise, I would just disengage from the science of medical research, and the industries of health food and health care and fitness and diet, etc. etc.

I would turn my back on it all. Because if I’m going to die from fattall cancer, then why waste my time focused on having others fill my life with too much food talk about food that I don’t really need or want to be eating, or health talk which always makes me feel bad about myself, or weight loss talk, which likewise, makes me feel bad about myself?

If I was wise, I’d drag my boyfriend into bed and spend the rest of my life there, with him, chocolates and coffee. But I’m not all that wise, so I’ll keep writing.

But I also plan on living, and away from the influence of others who firmly believe that my body is their business.

At the end of the day, death comes to everyone. Healthism has gained popularity as people became convinced they can somehow “cheat” death or with the thought that death itself isn’t “natural.”

It is. And so, whenever I die, and for whatever reason, I will die. But it won’t be because I’m dying of “fat.”


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