Image: Leading Off from Beauty is Inside

Leading Off from Beauty is Inside

Yep. Until I screwed up my back I was THAT chick, the one that was fat but was massively stronger than all the other girls. The only girls in my PE class who I couldn’t beat in an arm wrestling fight were the ones who literally were weight training for athletic reasons.

Even today, people seem to associate my mass with weakness. People are always offering to carry things for me, even light weight things.

I don’t know whether that is more offensive than the alternative, which I got my unfair share of from the abusive “ex”, who treated me as if I was so big, and so scary, that I must not only be inherently a bully, and reaching out to hurt him every time I stepped close to him, but that I needn’t ever fear walking home alone after dark because I was too big to rape.

Yes, that was his attitude. I was so big that I was trying to make him my bitch, and I was too big to be attacked.

Being strong, fit, healthy, big… these are just descriptions of perceptions, not physical states in the real sense of the word as strength isn’t defined in just one way, neither is fitness. Being healthy is the biggest crock of all, because there are too many ways in which a person can be both healthy and unhealthy at the same time. And being big?

Big is big. If men are emasculated by being in the presence of a woman who outweighs them, that’s the man’s fault, not the woman’s.

Body acceptance is so important in so many ways because it says that size doesn’t matter, color doesn’t matter, that gender doesn’t mean what bigots think it means, and that, most importantly, individuals should be taken as individuals.

We may all label ourselves, but that is a different issue. For right now, We need to stop labeling others.

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