You are what you eat…

You are what you eat...

Now there’s an idea I can get behind. Kidding.


A great blog post on the negative affects of Photoshopping a model “healthy”

A great blog post on the negative affects of Photoshopping a model “healthy”

Seeing as how the last couple of days, I have seen a number of comments come up in various places about “skinny” shaming, I feel it is necessary to point this out.


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Great story on intersectionality and being an ally

Great story on intersectionality and being an ally

If we can’t respect and treat others with the dignity that we demand for ourselves, then any “movement” we may be a part of is doomed to fail, because it is based on entitlement, not true equality and freedom. This is why I am an LGBT ally and believe that the most important aspect of feminism at this point does really need to focus on the inequality of women who are in ethnic minorities. I’ve got crap I deal with as a morbidlyobeseciswhitewoman, and this crap has caused me pain. I use that pain to empathize with others. I do not use it to create my own pissing contest crown in which I have it so much worse than others. I’m damn lucky, which doesn’t mean that I don’t want to free women from the unrealistic expectation of thin beauty. I will yell about the injustices done to me, but I feel it is necessary to scream until I am hoarse over the injustices done to women in other countries, especially in terms of rape, and violence done in the name of “honor”.

Anyone who wants to liberate women from the idea that they have to be thin and beautiful also has to deal with the fact that skin color ISN’T an inherent abnormality that makes a person worth less, and being homosexual isn’t a disgusting perversion akin to pedophilia.

And worst of all, if Christianity is the thing separating you from being able to be truly empathetic toward the plight of others, then your headed to hell because that is not what Jesus would do. Same goes for Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. It’s the stupidest excuse a person can use to disguise the fact that they are hateful.

Why I’m so pissed off…

In a world where we have held the cigarette companies responsible for hooking in young smokers via campaigns directed at them, it is mind-boggling, insulting, and infuriating that people continue to attack “fat” people for their poor choices instead of directing their anger, and their concern for public health at Coke and Pepsi. Coke was originally created as a patent medicine (colorfully referred to as “snake oil” by characters in historical pieces, and for good reason… the only thing that you might have considered medicinal about the original Coke was the cocaine that was in it) and sold by pharmacies as a “cure” for disease.

Eventually, as has been demonstrated by a previous link, soda would be marketed as something that was appropriate to give to babies because it would, basically, make them “cool”. Eventually high fructose corn syrup would replace cane sugar as the sweetener, because HFCS, a by-product of WASTE corn, is CHEAP. When you start asking questions, however, the blame for drinking sodas is placed on the drinker. Those in the soft drink industry are well aware that they are selling poison in a can, but they don’t work to improve it in any shape or form. Instead, they say that the consumer doesn’t have to drink it, then they sponsor schools, knowing that schools are desperately underfunded and will open their doors to the devil just to stay afloat.

And yet, the “war on obesity” is geared toward attacking ME not Coke. I am (as an every-woman fat woman) the person responsible, not those who create shit and market it as “food”. I and others like me are stigmatized… instead of people passing images of a Coke can that says DEATH across it, people pass images of fat people with Coke written across the side and the words “you are what you eat”. It’s needlessly judgmental, offensive, and the sort of cowardly thing that hateful people engage in.

And Coke laughs and continues to market soft drinks to children while those who fight “obesity” blame the parents. Yet when you confront people with that fact, that “fat” is not the cause of death, but that all this DAMNED SUGAR is, Coke and Pepsi are defended? They are innocent and I (in a proverbial sense) am guilty?

Well then, I guess you won’t want to bother reading up on the points being made in this BBC Series.

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Can you guess who is actually obsessed with weight here?

Can you guess who is actually obsessed with weight here?

What gets me is Al Roker is obviously a fatpologist. After all, dude was fluffy for a LONG TIME. And now he’s mister “keeping it off” and from what I remember, he’s somewhat preachy about weight/fitness/whatever now that he’s fully “recovered” from the horrible disease that is fat. 

In other words, he doesn’t have any right to question anyone else’s weight, or their reasons for not giving it out. He should remember what it was like to be in the “you weigh how much?” category.

Those who lose weight then give grief to others are, in a lot of ways, the worst offenders in terms of stigma.

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