Link: What Fresh Hell Is This?: Article, subject, and included advertisements and comments tick every box

What Fresh Hell Is This?: Article, subject, and included advertisements and comments tick every box

Okay, so actually, I don’t know if the comments section ticks any boxes because I just DON’T read them anymore. If you want to find anti-fat trolls and their anti-fat ways, the best way is to look at the comments section of ANY NEWS STORY that has to do with anything related to weight loss.

Guaranteed there will be some asshat looking to bolster his own sense of self by making fun of fat people.

However, all I can say to the subject of the story is… oh god, seriously? Oh, and it’s Japan. I don’t think I’m surprised.

Not that I’m supremely racist against Japanese people, unless the general feeling that they are “sooooo weird” is racist.

Once you have your ass smacked by a four foot nothing Japanese girl named “Happy” (I am not making this crap up) you can chew me out. Until then, I’m allowed to think that being four foot nothing and slapping the ass of a woman who is nearly six feet tall and outweighs you by a good 120 pounds is weird and wrong.


Like other health “incentive” programs, we are once again dealing with a social control and enforced behavior modification based on stereotyping and bigotry.

I just looooove this world.

OH OH OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT… for those of you who don’t end up seeing the same embedded advertisement as I did: IT’S THAT BLOODY M&Ms COMMERCIAL THAT USES A MEATLOAF SONG!!! HEEEEELLLLLLL I TELLS YA!

Don’t even get me started on how, inevitably, any story dealing with weight loss and discrimination against fat people seems to be accompanied with some advertisement for junk food. It’s marketing gold, it is!

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