If I have to be leered at by Mr. Potato Head, I should have the right to choose Who

I just want to share this, because my boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious, and people need some hilarity.


We were standing in a very long line, which we assumed was for Screaming California in the newer California Adventures side of Disneyland. Well, it wasn’t for SC, it was for another weird arcade shooter game thingy that was Toy Story themed, and hey, it was fun. I love Toy Story. So other than the time it took us to get through the line, no real loss.

So while we’re going through, Richie decides or maybe I decided (can’t remember) that a snap should be taken of me standing in front of Mr. Potato Head because, hey, that’s what tourists do.

He looks at it later and laughs because, according to him, it looks like Mr. Potato Head is going to attack me. He’s leering and reaching out for me so, you know, I kinda see it. It was an animatronic Mr. PH so it was sorta creepy anyway.

But now Mr. PH is an in-joke between us. Which is why boyfriend goes and posts this on my FB page this morning:


Well played, boyfriend. Well played. Or something. Probably not well played at all. But it sounded like the thing to say.


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