And in other news: The critical intent of the person behind the Porterville Proclamation

The critical intent of the person behind the Porterville Proclamation.

What’s sad is how horrible three of our city council members really are. Brian Ward, the council member mentioned in the story, sees this proclamation as an opportunity for the LGBT to promote themselves as a “special interest” and thus garner “special treatment.”

It’s sad when one group cries out “quit persecuting us” and that is considered special treatment.

What’s also sad is that before he even saw the statistics, council man Greg Shelton (not mentioned in the story) scoffed at them. Apparently the Center for Disease Control is some kind of liberally motivated gay-agenda pushing number mill, or so you might think as he scoffs and says “the numbers never lie.”

Well, I would pretty much think that the CDC IS pretty invested in NOT LYING with its numbers. But maybe he’s right. After all, culture does dictate the sort of things which are researched, and the way research is interpreted. So the higher prevalence of suicide amongst homosexuals is like the high prevalence of death by fat. Fat kills, and gays kill themselves because they are sinful, godless and deserve to die.


It is with the example that is Brock Neeley, Melissa McMurrey, my writing mentor Ann Marie Wagstaff, and may others of Porterville’s LGBT community who have stood up to proverbially say “we’re here, we’re queer, get over it”, that I first started speaking up. The truth is that homosexuality (I hate using that word, even if it is correct, because the right-winged Bible-thumping bigots turned it into a hateful slur that reverberated around the Porterville city council chambers) is like any other sexuality, inherent to a person. We are born the way we are born. It is written in our DNA and our blood. Being straight is no more special than being thin, and thus should not be a reason to be considered privileged by those parts of society who think the first amendment and the freedom we enjoy in the US must inherently MEAN that they are free to hate.

It’s been a week and while I may continue speaking out for the rights of the LGBT community of Porterville, but as for the town itself, it can go explicative itself. If this little dung hole wants to wallow in backwards bigotry, then let it have itself. Progress takes progressive minds, like mine. Educated minds. Open minds. And such things can’t exist in a hateful vacuum. Those who choose to hate others will find themselves in a town that is unable to maintain itself, because those who are young, intelligent and truly capable of being leaders of tomorrow will be gone.

2 thoughts on “And in other news: The critical intent of the person behind the Porterville Proclamation

  1. Please, don’t give up and leave. Porterville needs people like you. I know this town is the deep Red anus of California, but if we young progressives all leave, it will never change.

    I tried to get out, but for better or worse, I’m stuck here. I’m of the Millenial generation, a registered Green (even though my politics are to the left of the party), and a proud Liberal who believes deeply in equality, socialism, and social justice for all. I too seethe with rage at the ignorant bible-thumping bigoted rednecks who infest this area, but I truly believe that their time is coming to an end. Our generation will prevail. But we need strong progressive voices like yours to guide us. You are not alone here, and you are greatly needed.

    Fight on.

  2. I’d like to be able to stay for those reasons. But there comes a time when you have to realize that if you stay to try to improve a place, you lose the ability to improve your own life. I’ll continue speaking, but it might have to be from afar. Simply because my lungs and body are not health in this environment.

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