Link: Is it just me… or is this lawsuit more damaging to health than the product?

Is it just me or could the executive director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Michael F. Jacobson, be any more of a twat when he comments on Vitaminwater?

Is it necessary to start with the horribleness of weight gain and obesity in terms of the downside of Vitaminwater, when he could have, in fact, said “it causes diabetes and heart disease but has no health benefits”?

Wow. Look. I think I’ve just been stigmatized and I don’t even drink the crap!

That’s right… Mr. Jacobson has encouraged people, potentially overweight people, to sue for damages based on the fact that they’ve drank something that has “made them fat”. Because its sugar-water and we ALL know fat people are fat because they drink too much sugar-water. Never mind that this kind of cause-and-effect stereotyping of dieting and health habits does more harm to individual people than good (there are ways to argue against soft drinks WITHOUT jumping onto the “it makes you fat” bandwagon… mostly because soft drinks are enjoyed by people who are NOT fat, and so saying it makes you fat assumes that somehow those who do drink them and happen to not be fat don’t have the same sort of soda “problem” that fat people do… that skinny people are inherently less addicted, less out of control, less BAD because they don’t get fat drinking soda).

I just want to head-desk when I see stuff like this. Healthism is one of the biggest propaganda movements that has probably ever existed (in my opinion), because its so catchy and easy to jump onto the bandwagon with, regardless if whether you are fat or thin… everyone can be a joiner and rejoice that they are so much better, more virtuous, for promoting health! Two seconds before nit-picking me and other fat people, even fat joiners, to determine everything which is wrong with our personal habits.

My question: Why are the eating habits of the fat people so much more suspect than the JUST AS BAD eating habits of many thin people? And why are we the horribly stupid dupes that are made fat by Vitaminwater and other similar products? Why, I want to ask Mr. Jacobson, is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the way in which Vitaminwater makes people “unhealthy” the fact that it makes them “fat?” I’d really like a good answer to that… mostly because I just know that whatever answer he gives will be tied to fat stigma.

And what’s sad is that so much is said and done because of “FAT” that the real issue is lost in the morass: Over consumption of sugar CAN make a person diabetic, regardless of how that change in the system may effect their weight gain. When we look at the issue of soda, “refined sugar causes diabetes” should be the focus… not “sugar causes fat.”

Not that I woulc encourage anyone to drink Vitaminwater. I’ve tried it and could tell off the bat that it is nasty, soda-esk stuff and not worth drinking, regardless of its supposed

I believe that people shouldn’t really drink flavored waters, sodas or sports drinks, period, since there’s a perfectly good drink that exists beyond soda, juice, fancy water, and sports drinks… it’s called “water”. And I know that it may reveal me to be a hypocrite, but water really IS what I drink the most, followed closely by coffee with a bit of cream, and, ever since I became anemic, V8s. Trust me, I am hoping to get off the V8 just as soon as my doctor says that I have leveled out to a blood iron content high enough to be considered “normal”.

Anyone who really knows me knows I hydrate like a damn fish! So, I get tired of when people that don’t know me assume I must drink soda. Or give me a look because of my latte. Actually, I get super tired of other people’s attitudes toward what I eat, or what other fat people eat, or food in general. It makes me sick to think that our society is so FOCUSED on food, and yet I and other fatties are the ones being told that we HAVE THE PROBLEM. And those who tell us this find no irony in the fact that they can say this with a mouth full of diet soda, while driving down the road, listening to commercials for fast-food joints.

No, actually, I want to say to the naysayers, and the Mr. Jacobsons of this world, the whole of society has a problem with food, and with sugared drinks… and guess what, buddy, you are NOT helping with your crap lawsuit.

I know society has a problem. When you have two very skinny women bitching in the office across from yours about the fat content of a damn BelVita cracker, you know.

I get sick of the way our eating habits are twisted, manipulated, changed, encouraged/discouraged, stigmatized, or generalized based on the media jumping on board the health band wagon and telling us what we should eat… five seconds before cutting to a commercial for McDonald’s or Dairy Queen, which advertises all the stuff the news just told us WE SHOULDN’T EAT because it’s so unhealthy. I get tired of hearing at least two or three commercials for fast food joints on my to-work commute, and the same or more on my to-home commute.

And I get tired of seeing publications like Jezebel, which since it is so woman-focused and media-deconstructive, going against what they might consider their own grain and spreading Jacobsons’ message. Thanks, Jezebel.  Trust me, just because some expert is big on pointing to me and saying “sugar water effect, fat ass” doesn’t make it true.

In other words… why was it necessary to quote that man fully? Why not paraphrase him and focus on the real health problems of Vitaminwater? I am sure we can all agree that simplifying what he said to “this crap equals diabetes” is both true and not nearly as derogatory to the overweight as the assumption that fat itself is a bigger health issue than diabetes.

But, of course, it’s only when guys like Jacobson stop diverting attention and start saying that which is true, which is that soda has the potential to make EVERYONE sick in exactly the same sorts of ways, that we will begin to see true change. Until then, all I really want to say to skinnier people is this: Get over food! I don’t care what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. I don’t want to see the Instagram picture of your home cooked meal. GET OVER FOOD! Trust me, you aren’t helping anyone or anything by discussing how fattening a BelVita is!

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