Link: Making stigma pay!

Making stigma pay!

What are your thoughts on this? Seriously, any and all readers, I’d like to hear from you.

With the changes in health care laws in the US, there has been buzz about workplace programs that directly promote weight-loss as a cost saving measure. Nothing like being able to legitimately control every part of your employees life, and even have a legal reason to persecute them with non-compliance fees, to make you feel all warm and fuzzy toward corporate America.

I suppose it could be worse. Lots of employees are finding themselves with cut hours and the boss yelling “it’s Obama’s fault” when actually its his fault, the greedy bastard.

I digress.

Anyway, it sickens me to see the workplace initiatives, but this… I just don’t know what to make of it or feel about it. It’s like when the news of the AMA’s decision first broke I was too “wtf?” to be able to respond in an emotionally engaged way. This leaves me with the same feeling. “Gold? Seriously? WTF! Well it IS Dubai.”

So, is rewarding this sort of weight-loss, especially to coincide with a religious holiday, which, like Lent, encourages fasting (although I’m sure some would prefer to use the word, abstaining) stigma, an ingenious form of social control toward both the fat and those who are less-than-dedicated Muslims, or just tacky?

I’d like to hear other’s thoughts on the matter.

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