Taking out the SPAM

ImageStrangely enough, I found what some might consider a “normal” message in my spam folder.

But, of course, WordPress seems to be pretty savvy, because the comment isn’t something I could support and thus could not clear.

To put it simply, the person or bot? responded to my post about not automatically censoring those who use mental health terms when discussing their feelings  by saying that triggers can be anything (duh) and that… get this… the best way to treat anxiety is… And then the person/bot rattled off all the classic BS solutions that are handed out like leis in Hawaii. 

Eat differently, sleep more, exercise more, blah blah blah.

The problem I have with this is that, trust me, anyone who has actually been diagnosed with a mental disorder has gotten this spiel from our doctors, and some of us have been lucky to not feel condescended to while being told this. I have had some very good doctors talk to me about my problems. They have flat out told me there is no shame in running up against a road that is so bumpy that it feels impossible to travel. That there is no shame in wanting to cry all the time and hide, because, truthfully, it can and has happened to a lot of people.

The reason why I will not condone such a response is because there is something very subtly negative about the attitudes of people who feel the appropriate response to any open discussion of mental health issues is to dole out advice. As much as these arm-chair psychologists might think they are being helpful, they are pretty much shutting down real discussion, because the only way to respond to such advice is either, 1. Duh. 2. Been there, done that, got any new ones, genius? 3., Thanks, that is pretty much the standard advice for this but you’ll notice that such advice is pretty off-topic… The topic, if I can remind you, is why it is inappropriate to believe that every use of a mental-health diagnosis is a misuse. Censoring people who are honestly depressed or anxiety out of the thought that they are making light of these conditions stops just the sort of discussion that needs to take place; 4. You didn’t actually read my blog post, did you? Come back when you have something useful to say….

etc. etc. etc.

In other words, most of the responses one thinks of giving to someone who unburdens their vain desire to be the solution to all problems everywhere through doling out what they believe to be ingenious, but is really cliched advice, are defensive.

So I just deleted it. I see no reason to be directly defensive to a person who obviously did not read what I wrote. Had he or she done so, instead of probably taking the traditional TL;DR tack, or even if he/she had scanned through that post and my others, he/she would have realized that I am big on open discussion, honesty with one’s self and one’s friends and family, and the self-motivation to get over “triggers” because these things are the mark of our oppressors.

When something someone says triggers a negative response in us, it is more than likely revealing the pain of an old scar that has been given to us by another. My response to that? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! We all deserve happiness, we all deserve more. 

You are not a bad person for having triggers. But I believe that both you and I would be better off letting them trigger, working through them, and letting them go so that they no longer evoke emotional responses. Our emotions are the way others are able to control us without even trying. This control is not our fault, but we can take back our lives. The first step is saying, loudly and with conviction, I DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER!

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