Link: About Face: Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

About Face: Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Yes, just yes.

Another “just yes” is Beauty Redefined’s FB status today:


Despite her doctors telling her she was healthy because of her “great” BMI score, one BR fan has come to realize her chest pains, dizziness, shaking, and fear of eating add up to an eating disorder that isn’t at all “healthy.” This week, she checked herself into a treatment facility to recover once and for all! Today she learned she is at serious risk of a heart attack because of her eating disorder and if she remains at her current “healthy weight” she could die. “It struck me when I found this out that the BMI is so dangerous – outright dangerous!” she said. Our new friend has rocked her BR bracelets while sharing our website and sticky notes with all she meets and told us, “Keep spreading this truth! Keep saving lives! People need to be educated!” What a woman! She is most definitely in the thoughts and prayers of BR fans everywhere. 

This is what we know: While extensive evidence proves the BMI cannot calculate a person’s body fat or healthy weight, the government defends it as the national standard due to the fact that it is “inexpensive and easy for clinicians and for the general public” (CDC, 2010). In the meantime, we are sharing the profit-driven TRUTH about the BMI and dozens of ways you can be healthy without ever calculating that crazy number here. Read and share this life-changing truth!: Forget About Fat and Get Fit

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