Link: Boy Scouts Discriminate Against Fat Kids

Boy Scouts Discriminate Against Fat Kids.

At a 46 BMI, I have to say that I am with Ragen Chastain: I may be just that “fat” according to my BMI, but it hasn’t forced me to lay down and die.

I’m up and I’m mobile and I’m doing pretty good considering I’m an asthmatic with serious spine problems (and no, as a matter of fact, I would say my asthma and spinal problems have caused my fatness more than my fatness has caused my asthma and spinal problems. I have a congenital problem with my spine and I was asthmatic and unable to keep up with the other kids at school way before I was “obese”).

In an environment where so much is being said about childhood obesity and how children aren’t eating the right things and exercising enough (never mind what I think about that at this point…), to have this sort of organization take this sort of stand is absolutely despicable. Aw, but what do you expect from the group that has already taken a heavily discriminatory stance in regards to other types of Scouts and adult volunteers (ie, the gay kind). What is truly sad is that their grounds for discrimination, when applied to other groups, doesn’t stand up and would be revealed for the rampant discrimination it is… except it isn’t another group. They are saying that fat children have a serious health disability that prevents these kids from participating in this jamboree… but what about all the kids who have everything from asthma to serious physical disabilities?

Has the Boy Scouts determined that they are at too high a risk for some serious medical problem? Because, it seems to me, that an asthmatic is more likely to have a serious asthma attack, one which might have to be addressed by medical professionals, than a fat kid having a heart attack.

If you look at the National Vital Statistics report, for the year 2010, a rate of .5 for children between the ages of 5 to 14, died of “heart related diseases” (Their note: Rates on an annual basis per 100,000 population in specified group; age-adjusted rates are per 100,000 U.S. standard population).

If that’s not enough, just check out what the CDC has to say on its page for calculating children’s BMI…

Why can’t healthy weight ranges be provided for children and teens?

Healthy weight ranges cannot be provided for children and teens for the following reasons:

  • Healthy weight ranges change with each month of age for each sex.

  • Healthy weight ranges change as height increases.


Just searching for a hard and fast answer as to how many children with a BMI of over 40 who have died of a heart attack leads to a whole lot of… wikipedia and references to the horrible dangers of obesity.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, just being fat is lethal… except that it really isn’t, so much as it causes a bunch of diseases… or, as I think is the case, is caused by something which also causes other diseases. But never mind, fat isn’t a symptom in our society.

Which means that fat kids are diseased, and can’t jamboree. Let’s just find new and unusual ways to stigmatize children. They are directly to blame for being fat, after all, what with all the food they are able to independently purchase and eat without parental consent.

To paraphrase the Joker from the first Tim Burton Batman… “this country needs an enema.” And this is the sort of bullshit that needs to be flushed!


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