Link: The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem

This teenager is ALMOST there… except she hasn’t gotten so far as to not buy in and in turn, perpetuate the fat = lack of health BS that people get far too much.

Because of this, you can bet, that in her life time she will tell at LEAST one friend that they should lose weight, and claim she is saying so because she “cares” about that person’s “health.”

This sort of sugar-coated stigma is insidious because even those who talk at length about body positivism still find ways stigmatize others, using the biggest trap of culture, the assumption and expectation that we are all THE SAME.

I applaud this young girl for trying, but she’s fallen into the same trap as those fat people who abuse other fat people because of one horrible point: The idea that all fat people, or by extension, all people period, are the SAME.

Yes, I agree. Women should celebrate getting older. But we’re allowed to get older in different ways. No two women HAVE to get older in the same way, just as no two women have to treat their weight the same way. No two people are the same, full stop.

This girl isn’t there yet, and because she’s not there, she may well look at me and see another lump of fat in the epidemic of Typhoid Fatties.

Even anti-media media depends too much on stereotypes when discussing problems. It’s the language of the oppressed, in that we’re all oppressed by the assumption that we are what others expect, not what we actually are.

So, stand up, say your name and remind people that you are not _________________ (fill in the blank with the label you’ve been told you are the most).

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