Link: Full Beauty Project – Yossi Loloi

Full Beauty Project – Yossi Loloi

What’s funny is the Militant Baker posted this link on her FB page ( … I love her, everybody should read her stuff and follow her, she’s funny, sassy and intelligent) and it must just be because I am pretty much like these women… but I feel like I was the only person who commented on her link to address these pictures as artistic nudes and not some political statement or a jumping off point to rant about the lack of health in the “morbidly obese.”

Seeing as how I was told I was too fat to live in my early 20s, I’ve had a long time to come to terms with the fact that I have rolls. I have rolls and cellulite, and flabby arms. I am still “too fat to live” according to my BMI, and yet, I no longer care. I refuse to believe that I’m a dead fat woman walking until I’m an obese zombie.

I digress.

I comment on my comment only because it saddens me, in some ways. Here we are, presented with these nudes, and the training I have had in photography in the past says to me that most of them are actually, when looked at just as examples of nudes, kinda bland. The only reason why most of them have any relevance, in some ways, is because these are the women that society tells us we cannot look at naked, because they are so inherently disgusting that to look at them would make you puke.

Well, unless you are one of them, like me. When you are you’re pretty much like, eh, been there, seen that in the mirror.

That said, scroll down until you find the woman against the polka dot background and the woman standing with the two lamps. Now THOSE are awesome and visually compelling as a nudes!

I know Michelangelo would disagree, but fat bodies are just as dynamic and worthy as being the subjects of art as beefed-up men with rippling butt muscles.

A similar project, which uses smaller models but I think is more effective in terms of just the basics of art, is the Adipositivity Project (


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