Image: Gotta love Voluptuous Vixens

Gotta love Voluptuous Vixens

Gotta love Voluptuous Vixens (

Being into fitness is recognizing that everyone, regardless of body shape or size, can be healthy, strong, and active. My boyfriend started his fitness blog ( to promote ways for people, especially those who are dissatisfied because they feel unfit, to slowly regain the vitality, mobility and strength that means so much more to personal health than weight, BMI or body measurements. He believes that the human animal is a dynamic animal, not sedentary, and that feelings of health and well-being can be easily achieved by building up and utilizing our internal desire to enjoy life to its fullest (hence “internal force”).

It can be harder for some than it is for others, but I agree with him: we can all find some form of movement that we actually enjoy doing, either running, walking, dancing, lifting weights, riding a bike, etc. etc., and that cultivating this hobby as a means of enjoyment in and of itself is the greatest fitness goal a person can achieve.

Thanks for another great graphic, VV. Health isn’t a size, and from the very small to the very large, we all deserve to be treated like the dynamic, vital creatures we are.

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