Link: Know Thine Enemy: Ubran Dictionary’s Definition of Fattitude

Know Thine Enemy: Urban Dictionary’s Definition of Fattitude

Know Thine Enemy… Because surely, those who sit around all day helping Urban Dictionary expand on its massive content of bigoted, disgusting, and idiotic content are really fit to define Fattitude.

Then again, what can one expect from a person who goes by the internet handle “Uberstench”. This name just makes me want to say: Yes, you are the overlord of foulness and arrogance. Thank you for recognizing just how hideous of a human being you really are, since the rest of us are far too polite and above pointing out this simple fact to a self-acknowledged loser like yourself.

Fattitude (my definition): NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANY OF THE DEFINITIONS PROVIDED BY FAT-HATERS. There are a lot of them on the internet. Many of them are probably either fat themselves (self-hatred is always a great motivating force for hating others who are cut from the same cloth) or are generally the sort of unpleasant, ugly, or stinky people who attack others. I suspect for one simple reason, they hate themselves or their lives and really, REALLY need to do something to make themselves feel superior to others or better than they actually are. Why else would anyone waste so much time raining verbal diarrhea on strangers? (Freud would probably call this “projection” or something like that… “projection” may well be the only Freudian principle that really does hold up, unlike penis envy. O.o)

Fattitude is having a positive attitude about your body. Everybody has adipose cells (except for the people I mentioned in my first post, who have a genetic disorder that means they were born WITHOUT the ability to retain fat in adipose). So love these cells. Go ahead and act with a lot of positive, sexy attitude around the sort of people who would spout hatred on Urban Dictionary and the greater world beyond. Maybe, for just a moment, imagine that they are just the sort of people who would rather squat in their cold bedroom caves, acting like trolls, than appreciate that there is beauty in all shapes and sizes. Beauty, sexiness, and wonderful people who will give them love. And maybe sex. But ONLY do this for a moment, because, truthfully, they aren’t worth our thoughts and insulting them is beneath us.

Except for Uberstench. You can embrace yourself. You can even embrace other haters (that’ll really piss them off). But don’t embrace Uberstench. That’s a smell you’ll never get out of your hair.

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