Link: Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined

Yay. Just discovered this site today via VV’s FB page. I’m already digging the theme of the site, even if I haven’t been able to dig it deeply.

This is an article that should give us all food for thought, as I completely agree with the message it is sending. If the negative voice in your head starts to speak loudly, do a mental check. It’s the only way to help yourself pull yourself out of the morass of negativity that many of us face when dealing with our own body image.

If you can’t do it alone, find yourself at least one person who you can talk to who actually manages to help YOU pull yourself from that morass. My boyfriend is this person for me, and I am thankful ever day that I have him, because he doesn’t just talk to me or comfort me, he questions me and challenges me so that I can better see WHY my thoughts are becoming consumed with some negative feeling, either about my body or, more generally, my conscious self.

And tangentially linked: Also a good read because it helps us identify the one biggest thing that can hold you back from a feeling of well-being: triggers. We’ve all got ’em. I’ve been told that weight loss surgery is a big one for some, hence the negative reaction I get by simply asking to not be shamed for having had one. When we are able to actually define what is triggering our emotional reactions, the largest chunk of the power these triggers have over us just vanishes.

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